Am I on the wrong site or is your website particularly bad?

Is your website particularly bad?

Is your website particularly bad?

6 months ago one of our biggest customers asked the question: Is your website particularly shit, or am I on the wrong site? he was on the right site and he was right……yep it was shit.

It wasn’t that anyone here at DEKS is lazy or we didn’t think it mattered, the opposite really. It was only 12 months ago DEKS uploaded a new website, one that took two years to complete. One that costs a lot of money. One that was linked to our Business software package. One the previous management of the business had brainstormed up and demanded Wiz bangs be part of.

That website went live and within 30 minutes of it being on the internet for the world to see, I called the website company and had it removed and the old website, our customer described as shit, put back up.

No one cares about you!

Fast forward 6 months and they are at it again. Who do you ask? The Finance manager, A new one this time as the old ones parting gift was the www.trainwrek website of six months ago.

I sit down to read the design brief. All the usual stuff was in there, products, the home page, contact us, etc. The thing that jumped out at me the most, however, was the “About Us Page”. You see the plan was to stick little headshots of the management team on there. Comments about our hobbies and to big note about passing any courses that we did long ago. That’s when the penny dropped for me.

It’s not “About Us” it’s “About You” you, our customer.

This notion was what was wrong with the last website and is what would be wrong with the next website if I didn’t step in. That’s why today on the website we have a button that reads “About You”. It’s the most important button on the website because without you there would be no website and no DEKS Industries.

Check out our blog on culture first at DEKS here.

DEKS old website – known internally as the missing link!

It’s all about You!

The website you are looking at now is a result of our whole Deks Crew collaborating to produce a website that is for you. We had you in mind, upon a roof, phone in one hand pipe in the other using your thumb only to search a website and select the right product to finish your job. Hopefully, with this site, you can find the right product with one click, see all the right information and a video. Hopefully, the hard work and long days we toiled to produce this site, makes your job easier and helps you finish sooner.

Want to know “What are the two things Plumbers and Hookers have in common?”

The measure of success for our new website will be the “About You” page. That’s where we would like to feature you, our customers with images and videos of the DEKS products you’re using and installing.

So if you like the new website and we are on the right track, send us your pictures and videos, we will proudly upload them. Contact us here!

Kristian Speers is the head of DEKS Industries. His career has spanned 20 years in business leadership roles. He headed up ASSA ABLOY’S electro-mechanical division which appeared on the Forbes top 100 most innovative companies list 3 years in a row. His passion for delivering valued product innovation and unique customer experiences drives a relentless schedule. His other obsession is fast motorcycles, often the office is adorned with the latest Superbike or a classic vintage motorcycle.

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