DEKS Get it Off Handwipes Product Review

You know what’s the recipe for a worst first impression? Shitty smell. Specially if it’s coming from your hands as that’s the first thing they notice. And trust us there are only a handful of such handwipes that can take off the grease and stains with ease while also making you smell amazing.  And DEKS Get It Off Handwipes is a star among those handwipes.


DEKS Get It Off Handwipes are specially formulated cleaning solution absorbed into each towel for superior cleaning power, with natural citrus solvents. All 72 large wipes (250 x 300m) are dual-textured, pre-moistened towels for the really dirty jobs. These wipes are not only just for cleaning hands, they can also be used to clean tools, bikes, car parts, vinyl, boats, and upholstery. Plus, they’re 100% biodegradable with no harsh solvents used. To top it off, you don’t need water, simply wipe away the grime. On literally anything, these wipes have a thousand uses and counting.


They really are one of our most popular products. Time and time again when we are out meeting plumbers and tradies, we hear the same old “hey mate got any those handwipes” or “how can get my hands some them wipes”. What we have noticed is that tradies love products that do precisely what they advertise. DEKS Handwipes do exactly that, so much so that I put it to the test. 


These handwipes are true to its words. They’ll get the dirt, grime, and shit off your hands, but it doesn’t stop there. We would safely say DEKS handwipes can get virtually anything off your hands. DEKS Get It Off Handwipes are available at your local supplier or just visit for details. Say goodbye to dirty hands forever!!!

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