DEKS Marker Post: Setting the Standard for Durability and Safety

When it comes to marking and visibility of water infrastructure, DEKS Marker Post stands out as a symbol of durability, safety, and standardization. With a focus on optimal design and manufacturing processes, DEKS Marker Post has set a new industry benchmark for maximum longevity and reliability. These marker posts are made from specially engineered Virgin HDPE, a material known for its exceptional durability, lightweight construction, flexes upon impact and resistance to harsh UV exposure. Let’s dive into the features and benefits of DEKS Marker Post that make it the go-to choice for hydrant, operational and valve infrastructure identification. 

DEKS Marker Posts are crafted from specially engineered Virgin HDPE, ensuring unparalleled durability. This material not only offers excellent impact resistance but also maintains its molecular-level strength even under severe UV exposure. What’s more, DEKS Marker Posts are designed with a focus on sustainability. At the end of their life cycle, these posts can be recycled and regenerated into new products, making them an environmentally friendly choice. 

DEKS Marker Post is the first WSAA approved marker post, providing a unified standard that can be adopted across all states, water authorities, and councils in Australia. This specification was created with a focus on dimensions and safety, with special attention given to standardizing heights and ensuring the safety of pedestrians and cyclists.  

DEKS Marker Post features reflectors are made from retroreflective materials used in road traffic control. These reflectors not only comply with Australian standards but also help standardize the colour for hydrant identification nationwide. This ensures efficient and accurate identification of water infrastructure while reducing confusion and maintaining the integrity of the identification system. Weighing just 4.5 kilograms, DEKS Marker Post is designed to be lightweight. This not only simplifies installation and maintenance but also minimizes occupational health and safety risks. Additionally, the unique patented ribbed design provides both strength and flexibility upon impact, ensuring the durability of the posts while maximizing safety for pedestrians and cyclists. 

DEKS Marker Post has become the gold standard for water infrastructure identification, offering unmatched durability, standardization, and safety. With its specially engineered Virgin HDPE construction, adherence to industry specifications, and innovative design features, DEKS Marker Post ensures longevity, efficiency, and peace of mind. By prioritizing durability, sustainability, and safety, DEKS Marker Post leads the way in marking water infrastructure and sets a new benchmark for the industry. Choose DEKS Marker Post for reliable and efficient identification of hydrant, operational and valve infrastructure.  

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