Friday BBQ benefits: More than just a good feed

Knocking off at noon and throwing a few snags and onion on the barbeque is a rite of passage in Australia. It’s the boss’s way of saying “thanks for your hard work this week mate”. Some say it’s better than a pay raise…that’s up for debate though. But, is there an actual benefit to the Friday BBQ? Or is it just a way to get out of half a day’s work? 

Barbeques are as Aussie as vegemite on toast (make sure you have it with butter for the foreign readers). Nothing quite beats a barbie. The benefits of a good BBQ go beyond just filling people’s stomachs with hot food. You’ll find a barbie in many different scenarios:

  • Holding a barbeque is a common method of fundraising for schools and local communities
  • BBQs are also common when feeding emergency services volunteers, and occasionally evacuees or stranded travellers
  • Often used at family and friend gatherings, especially around the holidays (Christmas, Australia Day, Easter)

The barbie by nature creates a relaxed atmosphere, team bonding, a great way for the team to unwind and not think about work for the day.  

It shows appreciation to your team, strengthens relationship bonds, builds confidence and improves internal communication and productivity.

It boosts moral and a sense of community in the workplace. It makes us appreciate to live a country where the workplace barbeque is synonymous with Australian culture. 

Afterall not everything is proven to be better with just good statistics and facts, some things are just felt within.

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