Cyclonic roof washer suits fastener gauge #14 – Black O.D 25mm

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SKU: DM-A25-B14-D

DEKS Multiseal EPDM washer, part number DM-A25-B14-D is a high performance specially engineered washer for cyclonic roof applications. This is made from a high quality non-conductive EPDM rubber material with aluminium backing.

The Multiseal range of washers are ideal for metal roof applications that require high strentgth, UV, Ozone and corrosion resistantce. The Dekfast multiseal washer has been designed to seal in four locations, offering ultimate sealing and protection.

This washer suits #14 fastener gauge. Outside diameter is 25mm. This is offered in a minimum pallet quantity of 2,400 units (in ‘000s).

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