Deks Full Copper Clamp SS DN32 75mm

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SKU: DCC032-75

For Durable, Economical Repairs on Subsidiary Water Pipes DEKS copper repair clamps make the repair of cracked, damaged, split or leaking water pipes quick and easy, and reduce disruption to water supply. Designed for Australian and New Zealand conditions DEKS copper repair clamps are lined with a 360ΒΊ nitrile rubber gasket approved for use in potable water supply that provides a secure seal around the pipe and minimises the risk of further leaks during the life of the pipe.

With a pressure rating of 1600 kPa and manufactured according to DEKS rigorous quality standards, these versatile repair clamps are available to fit pipes from 15-50mm in diameter and will securely seal most types of pipe for years.

DEKS copper repair clamp part number DCC032-75 are easy to work with and provide an economical and time-saving alternative to replacing large sections of water pipe and are backed by the DEKS quality and service guarantee.

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