Deks Joiner 50-32 PVC Reducer Blk EPVC

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SKU: 6049

DEKS black rubber Joiner/reducer coupling, part number 6049 suits DN50-DN32 pipe sizes (Pipe OD 50/61mm – 30/38mm). DEKS reducer rubber joiners/drain couplings are made from a high flexible rubber polymer and incorporate 316 stainless steel bands for extreme durability.
The joiners are approved to the water mark scheme for Australia, offering plumbers a peace of mind. DEKS offers a full range of reducer couplings/ rubber joiners to suit DN32-DN100 pipe sizes.
The reducer couplings are a great economical solution for use in residential applications to join PVC pipes of different outside diameter, in non-pressure applications (drains, soil waste pipe connections).


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