Deks Lilac Valve Marker Post-Blue Top

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The first WSAA appraised Marker Post.

The valve and hydrant marker posts form a very important part of critical infrastructure.
They are used to rapidly identify water hydrants during critical firefighting operations for life and property protection and fire suppression.

The DEKS Marker Post is offered in 6 different variations to identify both drinking water and non-drinking water infrastructure.

DEKS marker posts have been created with particular emphasis on optimal design and manufacturing processes to achieve maximum durability, far exceeding the relevant WSAA specification requirements.

Made from virgin material using an environmentally friendly process which makes the product recyclable at end-of-life. UV tested for ultra-violet ray resistance to AS3996:2019, which demonstrates a minimum life of 25 years.

The reflectors installed on the DEKS marker posts are manufactured from the same retroreflective materials used for road traffic control purposes and dimensionally comply with the Australian standards. This helps standardise the colour to identify hydrants nationally and also reduce possible confusion between these and other markers, thus maintaining the integrity of the hydrant identification system.

Designed to flex upon impact, it is lightweight weighing just 4.5 kgs and is the lightest marker post on the market minimising OH&S risks.
Featuring a unique patented ribbed design that provides significant strength and maximum safety for pedestrians and cyclists upon impact.

The specially designed stainless-steel pin (can be purchased separately) helps secure the post and reduce the risk of vandalism. Pull-out test results have met the WSAA specification (WSA PS 283).

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