Deks Shear Banded Coupling 110-125mm

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SKU: DSC110-125

DEKS Shear Banded Coupling, part number DSC110-125 is WSAA approved for Australia, 121mm long and suits pipe OD range between 110-125mm. Shear banded couplings have been specifically designed to connect and repair low pressure pipelines (drain, stormwater and sewer) and a must in underground applications, as specified by councils and water authorities.
As the name suggests, the coupling incorporates a centre stainless steel shear band that helps protect the joint against corrosive environments, earth movement, shear forces and heavy loads. The shear band helps to ensure pipe alignment while allowing joint flexibility.
DEKS Shear Banded Couplings are a great solution to join dissimilar pipe materials. This is done with the help of a matching rubber bush that can be ordered separately.


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