Seldek Alu Flashing #2 Blk (110-200mm/4-5.8″)

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The DEKS Seldek is an aluminium based flashing solution with a flexible EPDM rubber boot for pipes and penetrations through slate and tile roofs.

The part number SDA103B is offered with a boot that suits pipe penetrations from 110mm to 200mm to suit flues and chimneys. The boot can be trimmed on site to suit the penetration. It is ingeniously locked to a high grade and malleable 99.9% pure aluminium base and is lead-free. The Seldek aluminium won’t stain or corrode roofs and gutters.

This is an economical way to flash a tile roof and is suitable for a roof pitches between 0 and 45 degrees, making it an ideal solution for penetrations on flat roofs.

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