SS Repair Clamp 200mm/8″ for 160-170mm/6.30-6.69″ OD (S1 pipe)

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DEKS 316 grade stainless steel repair clamp part number DRC150S1 is WSAA approved for Australia and an ideal repair solution for cracked, damaged, split or leaking water pipes. DEKS stainless steel repair clamps are corrosion resistant and have a nitrile rubber gasket (approved for potable water supply) to provide a full 360ยบ seal around the damaged pipe. DEKS stainless steel repair clamps save the time and cost of replacing entire sections of pipe where most of the pipe is in good condition, enabling you to minimise disruption of the water service delivery without compromising the longevity of the pipe. DRC150S1 suits DN150 Series 1 pressure pipes with an OD range of 160-170mm.


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