Tap Lubricant 75ml

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DEKS Tap Lubricant is an exceptional lubricant solution for removing blocked or hard taps and fittings. It provides a suitable lubricant solution to ease the hard-held fixings and ensure no corrosion occurs on the fittings. The product is resistant to high temperatures and is suitable for drinking potable water. The tap Lubricant is ideal for rubber and synthetic O-rings and washers to prevent corrosion and extend the service life of taps and valve stems. The Lubricant has a unique feature that can be used on hot and cold-water systems and sewage lines. The tap lubricant can be subjected to a temperature of around 10c to 40 C.

This product is designed to work as a lubricant for loosening complex- fittings that cannot be removed by hand. Deks Tap Lubricants is the perfect solution for your hardened fittings, whether you’re working on automotive parts, plumbing threaded parts, or any other industrial threaded joints.

So, if you are searching for a quick and easy solution for removing your rusted hard fixed taps or threaded fittings, look no further than Deks Tap Lubricant. This product is appliable to ease the fittings and threaded joints for your Tap fixtures and hard-held fittings.


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