Trap Seal 100mm

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SKU: TS100

DEKS Trap-Seal is an economical and practical solution to eliminate toxic gases, odours, and insects entering the building. It is an innovative design resembling a human heart valve. The unique design of the DEKS Trap-Seal allows only one-way movement of water or waste. The DEKS Trap-Seal is a durable EPDM rubber material that fits in 100mm drainsize pipes. The threaded structure creates a tight seal around the drain, blocking bugs, gases, and odours and preventing water overflow. This innovative design has a one-push installation technique with no required tools and is suitable for new and existing installations. The installation of the DEKS Trap-Seal needs to be carried out by a licensed practitioner. Before installing the Trap-Seal into the drain pipe, moisten the outer surface with water for easy installation and penetration.


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