Thread Sealing Cord Product Review

Leaky taps are no joke! It can be the stuff of nightmares. Those bastards can cause unmeasurable damage just from a slow drip. It can cause structural damage to a house or even worst black mould. But that will just remain a story if you have DEKS Thread sealing Cord at your home.

DEKS has carefully engineered a product so great at sealing up leaks, you’ll never worry again.

Based on the chemical formula for surgical thread cord, DEKS brings a revolutionary and patented Pipe Thread Sealant Monofilament made of 100% Polytetrafluoroethylene (P.T.F.E) for sealing metal and plastic threaded pipe joints.

175m roll that is equivalent to 25 PTFE tape rolls and replaces 107 different types of sealing tapes offered in the market today. It also comes with a lubricant at the bottom for use on coarse threads.

Some of the application advantages of DEKS Thread Sealing Cord include:all other sealants and tapes on all threads.

  • Easier and quicker to install than other sealants.
  • Use of water and gas.
  • Low cost per seal for maximum performance
  • Simply wrap around the threads in an overlapping haphazard fashion.
  • Install directly from the handheld dispenser with its unique 360º proprietary cutter.
  • The unused thread remains safely protected from dirt & dust for future use.
  • Tested and approved for hot & cold water, steam, gaseous oxygen, and gas.

This thread sealing cord is the most advanced product of its kind on the market. It’s suited for any pressure application (gas, water, etc.) and has an unlimited shelf life.

Plus, the 360-degree propriety cutter is great for the right-handed plumber and the filthy left-handed plumber. When it comes to sealing leaky taps and pipes look no further than DEKS Thread Sealing Cord.

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